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B&W Rugs

B&W Rugs

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šŸ§µĀ Premium Material:

  • Hand-tufted craftsmanship created from high-quality chemical fiber material
  • Ensures long-lastingĀ withoutĀ compromising on comfort

āš–ļøĀ Durable and Resilient:

  • Requires minimal upkeep for convenience
  • Can be easily cleaned and maintained to retain its pristine appearance
  • Contains anĀ anti-slippery bottom

šŸ”³Ā VersatileĀ Color Scheme:

  • The monochromatic black & white palette effortlessly complements a wide range of interior design styles



Ā USA 7-12 Days
UKĀ  7-14 Days
Australia 9-16 Days
7-12Ā Days
Asia 4-9 Days




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šŸŒ± Ethically Sourced šŸŒæ

From manufacturing to packaging, our shop strives to minimize our environmental footprint. We prioritize ethically sourced and sustainable materials, ensuring that every purchase supports a greener future.